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What's In Our "Meat"
(You won't even notice!!)

Shrimp* → Hearts of Palm

Beef** → Homemade TVP mix

Chikun*** → Oyster Mushrooms

Tuna**** → Garbanzo Beans (Specials)

Fish***** → Banana Blossom (Specials)

We tend to stay away from processed vegan meat alternatives and instead opt for whole vegetables and treat them as their non-vegan counterpart.

I know that I deep fry the hell out of everything, but I care about your health... a little.

Usually, the only items on the truck that contain gluten, are our breads. Everything that goes into the fryer, and everything else we serve, is gluten free. That includes our amazing mac n cheese balls. If you have celiac, then you must let us know so that we can clean the grill and surfaces for any traces of gluten and reduce the risk of a reaction!

Everything is soy free!! Occasionally we will have a special with a soy based product, but our main menu is completely soy free.

All of our items are completely nut free, some items may be processed in the same facilities as nuts, or may come into contact with them on the way to our truck, but we do not use any nuts at all in our menu.

We will gladly accommodate for any other allergy or dietary need within our reach. Please allow extra time to prepare modified dietary items.


Your choice of either a Sando, Loaded Fries, or rice bowl for these entrees. 

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